The small print... copyright issues, use of photographs, etc...

IMPORTANT NOTE: Please note that PHOTOGRAPHS reproduced from eBay or similar sites are the property of the original photographers. We believe that using them here on this blog is beneficial in that it helps promote eBay auctions and sales (many of our readers have bid on guitars after we have featured them - as have we ourselves), but if any of the photograph originators has a serious issue with us reproducing their photographs then please contact us and we will endeavour to make amends. We always link to the relevant auctions, but please bear in mind that on archived posts links may have expired.

Otherwise, please note that blog posts on Guitarz are our own intellectual property which we do not want scraped to any 3rd party blogs or websites set up solely to make revenue from advertising or for any other reasons. Yes, we do have an RSS feed but that is intended for news aggregators and not so that 3rd parties can automatically populate their own websites/blogs. PLEASE DO NOT COPY OUR BLOG POSTS. Thank you.

Occasionally blog posts will feature our own photographs or images that readers have given us permission to use. We respectfully ask that you do not copy such photographs without first asking permission, and if reproducing elsewhere on the internet (on bulletin boards, etc), we ask that you link back to the originating blog post here on Guitarz. Surely that is not too much to ask?

G L Wilson


  1. We would like to share your posts here...

    1. Sure, there's no problem with sharing on Facebook. Note we have a Facebook page at if you'd like to "like" it.


  2. Hi, I love reading your blog. Would really appreciate if you took a look at mine:

  3. GL - I'm attempting to flesh out the Wurlitzer guitar story (as included in the overall Wurlitzer company history) on Wikipedia. I found a lovely image of an original US-made Wurlitzer Wildcat using Google image search and the image title indicated that it came from your blog, apparently in 2008, possibly March? Anyway, I'd love to upload that image to augment the Wiki article on this topic, but as you may know Wikipedia is quite persnickety about use of photos and I'll need to get and verify your permission to use the photo before I can upload it there. could you contact me in this regard? Easiest to just e-mail me at "keikospals" (no quotations, obviously) at aol. Dot com, of course .Look forward to hearing from you.



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